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Motivated and well-trained employees have a significant positive impact on the bottom line. Establishing sound employment practices and policies with regard to the day-to-day management of the employees in your organization is a worthwhile business practice.

McKenzieHR can help you build a highly efficient, motivated and satisfied work-force.

  1. We will maintain strict confidentiality of client information. McKenzieHR will never disclose information gathered through work performed by an employee or contractor.
  2. We will meet with clients at a time and place that is convenient for the client.
  3. We will be on time for all scheduled meetings. In the unlikely event that we are late for arriving at a scheduled meeting, the client will be notified as soon as it becomes apparent that we will not be able to meet our scheduled time frame.

“We have an uncompromised belief that the interest of our clients is more important than our own interest. We will do what is necessary to best serve our clients through our own efforts or through the network of strategic alliances we have formed with other businesses.”



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