Human Resources Outsourcing Pioneer To Visit Jacksonville

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“Human Resources Outsourcing: The Technological Advantage” Thursday, April 20
7:30 - 9:30 a.m.
Jacksonville Marriott Hotel Salisbury Road
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will look like.
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Mark Addington,
Labor Attorney with

Fowler White Boggs Banker will be presenting a Program on Employee Discipline, Evaluation and Termination in conjunction with the FCMA.
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Fisher & Phillips
Labor Law Firm

will be holding programs entitled Employers: Don't Become an Unwitting Target for
Employment Law Claims!
Gainesville – April 26
Jacksonville – April 27
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Is Administrivia Keeping HR from Getting a Seat at the Table?

NOW is the time for HR professionals to move into a more strategic role. The trends in the business world are getting more complex every day.  With the shortage of people and the emphasis on keeping costs down to remain competitive, the need to streamline operations has become absolutely critical to the HR profession.  In the healthcare and construction industries, there is currently a critical shortage of qualified employees. All indications point to a similar shortage in just about every business segment.  There are two primary ways that HR can have a major impact on organization’s ongoing growth and success.  The first is to get out of the transactional role and the second is to lead efforts that attract AND retain great employees.  Here are a few items that are food for thought.

The Internet’s Implications on Human Resources are Huge.
The Internet is constantly changing the way business is done.  Some time ago, someone figured out that most software applications that were once installed on your computer can now be done via the internet.  This has eliminated the need for constant software upgrades.  Many companies now require applicants to apply through a web site or a web based application system.  A web based HRIS has self service features that allow employees to change addresses, beneficiaries and complete annual open enrollment with no forms or HR involvement.

Faster! Better! Cheaper!
The continuous process improvement mantra of business seems to be incessant.  But as we all know, competition dictates that things have to be done faster and better and cheaper. Those who use internet tools effectively are seeing processes being accomplished quicker with higher quality while spending less money. Those who are slow to implement and properly utilize this technology will not survive.

Think of this:
How much time do you spend screening resumes and applicants?
How much time and effort do you devote to open enrollment every year?
Do you have the time or inclination to conduct and review exit interviews?
Is administering payroll and producing countless reports the best use of your time?
How much of your budget is consumed by continually updating and upgrading your Human Resources Information System?
Would your time be better spent on enhancing your performance management system and increasing the effectiveness of your employees?
Could your time be better spent in development of employees, succession planning, compensation planning and the implementation of cultural changes necessary for your organization to succeed?

If you no longer needed to tend to “administrivia” issues, how much more valuable could you make yourself to your organization?

The human resources outsourcing business is now a $59 billion dollar industry.  This is not the future – it is NOW.  If you’re not on the leading edge of technology, you’ve fallen behind.  NOW is the time to catch up.

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