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2011 will be Heaven but only if you make it this way!!

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  • Outplacement services
  • HR audits
  • Compliant recordkeeping
  • New employee orientation
  • Customized handbooks
  • Safety programs
  • Resolution of harassment and discrimination complaints
  • Training and development
  • Implementation of Human Resources Information Systems
  • Mergers and acquisitions due diligence
  • Benefits administration
  • Recruitment assistance
  • Compensation administration
  • Unemployment hearings
  • Discipline and termination
  • Coaching and counseling
  • Performance management
  • Employee surveys

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It is That Time of The Year

As the year comes to an end, I am grateful for a number of things as 2010 was a pretty good year. We have made great progress and have seen a relatively significant increase in our revenues compared to last year. This is not to say that we are out of the woods yet, but we are making progress again.

Here are just a few things that have I have to be thankful for.

My Family
Chyrle, my wife of 32 years who has stood by me and supported me especially in these past three years which have been very difficult to say the least.

My son, Matt, who is coming home on December 20 from the Middle East. He is in the Navy and spent the better part of the last 6 months on the USS Harry S. Truman. Prior to that, he spent 15 months in South Korea. Interestingly enough, he met the love of his life in South Korea where he met Kate who was an English teacher there. Matt will be visiting Kate's family in San Francisco and they will be driving back together to the East Coast. If they can live through that trip and still love each other, they can live through anything. May they live a long and happy life together.

My 20 year old daughter, Megan, who wants to be a rock star. She has the talent and the drive to make this happen. She is on the dean's list at Florida State, started a band called From a Cities in Trees, writes her own music and is active politically. It is great to have her home again, if only for a few weeks. It is also the most wonderful thing to watch her grow into adulthood.

Our Clients
Without our many loyal clients, we would not be here. We appreciate your business more and more each day. Thank you is not a strong enough word. To the many new fantastic people we started working with in 2010, it is one of the most gratifying things in the world to have new clients say thank you and then cut us a check. It does not get any better than this. I don't make it a habit of publicly naming our clients it is a paranoia thing. You all know who you are and we appreciate our on-going relationships with you.

The Vendors We Rely on
We also could not be in business if it weren't for the many companies we rely on to do keep our business running. To Joe Lemire and the group at Elyk Innovation for doing such a great job on our website and the newsletter thank you. The team at MacPcTechPro for keeping our computers running and coming to the rescue in July when things came crashing down around me, you helped save our business.

Our Business Friends
Business friends are those that continually refer business to us or those that we team up with to enhance services to our clients. These include all of the people at SingleSource, Paycor, ADP, Paylocity and Paychex (yes we have worked with all of these payroll groups and I hope none of them get mad at me for this). The Small Business Resource Network, the Small Business Development Center at the University of North Florida; the people at WorkSource; Beaver Street Enterprises and the NAI Group A Marsh McLennan Agency have all played a big part in who we are today. We are thankful that you trust us enough to refer clients to us or ask us to take part as guest speakers at your events. Thank you.

The People of McKenzieHR
Peggie Leitereg and Chuck Petruska have served us well for a number of years and I am indebted to them. We also had two newcomers this year. Terrie McDonald joined us in February and Tamara Joiner joined us in April. These two individuals give us the horsepower to rise to a new level of service that did not seem possible a year ago. All I can say about these four individuals is WOW!!

So now that you have read this sappy newsletter, take the time to think of all the good that has happened in the last year. Use these old and new relationships to forge ahead into 2011 with renewed vigor and optimism.

Have A Great Holiday and remember "It will be heaven in 2011!!"

Thanks to all of you!!.


Thanks for reading the McKenzie Mailer.


Bob McKenzie


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