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Keeping Your Good People
Makes You Look Better

We can all see signs that the economy is improving. Business activity is picking up and most of the economic indicators are positive. The questions in the business news is “Where are the jobs?” A recent poll by the Society for Human Resource Management reveals that 50% of the 362 organizations surveyed will be adding new employees in 2004. The survey also found that 61% of the organizations will be focusing efforts on retaining the employees they have.

How many of your good employees will be tempted to leave? What have you done to ensure your higher performers stay? Have you taken your employees for granted the past couple of years? Other questions to ask are - With the downturn in the economy, are the raises lower than they were in the past? How about bonuses? Are rewards for top performers significantly higher than for mediocre employees? Is the work challenging or has it become mundane? Is the morale of the employees lower than it was last year? Have you been using such trite statements as, “You know that business has been tough this past year and I am glad that you are sticking it out with us.” or “You should be grateful you still have a job.” Sticking it out and being grateful only go so far and do not help pay the rent or put food on the table.

Take the time to talk with your people. Know what makes them tick and how they are feeling about their future with the company. What are their career aspirations?

The salary increase budgets are at the lowest point they have been in many years. Look at your reward system to ensure that your good performers get a bigger piece of the salary increase pie. With so little to give away, your mediocre employees should get nothing or next to nothing while a larger portion of the increase pot should go to those employees who are the best and brightest.

The higher performers are the people who make you look good every day. They are the people you can turn to when you need something done quickly and done well. They go to bat for you every day – it is now time to go to bat for them.

Keeping those high performers with you and your company after the job market opens up will make you look even better. Set the stage now for retaining your good employees before someone else takes the opportunity away from you.


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