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TRAINING - Ya Gotta Believe

The top executive of a local organization recently inquired about teambuilding training for his direct reports. When asked what he wanted to accomplish from the training, his response was, "Nothing, but since everyone else is doing it, there must be something to it." Another inquiry as to whether there were specific issues that needed addressing, his response was, "No. Everyone does what I tell them to do, so we do not have teamwork problems with my staff." He went on to say that training is a waste of time as no one ever learns anything or changes their work habits because of it. This organization went on to conduct a teambuilding training program. The result - nothing. The moral of this story is top management support is needed for training to be successful.

Executive training should concentrate on vision, mission and values of the organization. It is a good thing to re-visit these areas every now and again to ensure the management team is managing with the same set of principles. Teambuilding workshops succeed when executives come away with specific actions and plans on what they can do to assist other divisions in meeting the overall goals and objectives of the company.

When conducting management and supervisory training it must be meaningful to the participants. Most supervisors and managers dislike attending training classes because it takes away from their daily responsibilities. Learning new skills to make their jobs easier should be the goal of every leadership training program. If it becomes a chore to go to these programs, the training is not accomplishing its objective. Practicing new skills through realistic examples that the participants can put to use immediately will make the training more effective. Training on coaching and counseling in a construction company with practice exercises based on office situations loses credibility with the construction supervisors.

Most importantly, training should be fun. It is possible to learn and have fun at the same time. If the training experience is fun and succeeds in changing behaviors in a positive way, much is accomplished. A high energy facilitator who has the ability to relate to the experiences of the participants and has the ability to offer alternatives that make sense will be most effective.

Take the time needed to allow proper learning. A one hour training session on conflict resolution becomes a lecture. Participants become bored and come away with no additional skills. Four hours is the minimum length for skills training.

Have participants write down one or two things that they will do differently as a result of the training experience. Make this a regular practice in all training programs. The objective of the training is to change behaviors. Participants will be more likely to make improvements when it is written down. This is true even though no one else reads it.

Belief in the training by all of the people involved will make for better results. Training for trainings sake is simply a waste of time and money.


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