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Special Projects


Development of Salary Surveys, Pay Structures, Commission and Bonus Programs

Are your pay practices competitive and motivating? Are YOUR business objectives being met by YOUR commission and bonus plans? Having a competitive compensation program is critical to the success of your organization. After all, employees work for money and want to get paid in relation to their knowledge, skills and contributions. McKenzieHR will conduct a salary survey of similar organizations and positions; compile the results in an easy to understand format, review your programs and make recommendations for necessary adjustments.

Employee Complaint Investigations

All complaints of harassment, discrimination and mistreatment must be investigated! Most lawsuits for harassment and discrimination occur because the initial investigation was flawed by a member of management who ignored the complaint, violated confidentiality or did not investigate the complaint properly.  Don’t get caught in this trap. The experts at McKenzieHR have the experience and the know how to conduct a thorough investigation, arrive at the facts and make recommendations to protect your company from liability and exposure.

Affirmative Action Plan Development

Companies with 50 or more employees and $50,000 or more in annual federal contracts must develop an Affirmative Action Plan (AAP) on an annual basis. Failure to do so could result in the loss of the contract. Bob McKenzie’s first job out of college was to write AAP’s for Norelco. That was in 1977 and he has been doing them ever since. We write the plans and submit the reports while you concentrate on your business.

Workforce Assessment and Cultural Change

There is nothing more important to profitability than a company culture that espouses the values of Trust, Commitment, Enthusiasm and Support. The workplace is continually changing as are the expectations of employees. McKenzieHR experts will guide your organization to higher performance and higher profits by helping you understand the culture you currently have the move you toward the one you desire.

Employee Morale Surveys and Follow-up

Want to know what your employees think about their work, the company and YOU? The best way to find out is to ask them. McKenzieHR experts know the questions to ask and how to analyze and present the results. But the most important part of an Employee Morale Survey is communicating the results to the employees and following up to correct areas identified as being in need of improvement. At McKenzieHR we believe “If you don’t plan to do anything with the information, then don’t ask the questions”.

What Our Clients Are Saying

You have provided assistance on so many topics – performance management, updating policies, job description and federal reporting.  I just wanted to reach out and thank you. We are so grateful to you and your team for the countless hours of support you have provided our organization.
Tiffany Blackstone Hamrick, Vice President of Human Resources, Easter Seals Florida