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Use Company handbook to keep policies up-to-date

by Dolly Penland

When Ann Freeman bought River City Security Services four years ago, she inherited the company’s old employee handbook.

“They had a policy and procedures handbook that was very basic and it had lot of addendums,” said Freeman, president and CEO. “Our approach is this book should help you be better employees. We want them to be successful. In an agency like ours, your success is based on those men and women out there [interacting with the] client, the clients’ customers and the general public”

She worked with Bob McKenzie, president of McKenzieHR, to update the employee handbook, which has policies and procedures that are applicable to most businesses as well as policies that are industry-specific.

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From now on I’ll call you Sensei.  You have helped me quite a bit over the past year.  Now, before doing anything, I ask myself, “What would sensei (you) do?  Thanks for your guidance and support.
Dee-Ann Kekahuna, Chief Human Resources Manager, Major Hospital in Hawaii